drawing-a-day 10 Tora-san



This is Tora-san.
He is a character of a Japanese famous movie, "Otoko wa Tsuraiyo"("It's tough being a man"). Tora-san lives in Shibamata. I live there too. There is a bronze of Tora-san at the front of Shibamata station.
The movie has 48 titles. One beautiful woman appears in each story, and Tora-san falls in love with her each time. His romance is broken almost all time though, but he helps them. He has a beautiful younger sister, Sakura. She always worries about him. He suddenly comes back to home, but suddenly goes away again. He is a very charming man.
I feel "ninjo" in this movie. "ninjo" is feeling of human, kindness to others, feeling someone's feeling(happiness and sadness). It shows relationship between family and other people. These days, sometimes It's said that "ninjo" disappeared in Japan, especially in big cities like Tokyo, and Some people think about Showa period with nostalgic feeling.
If you'd like to know details of the movie, you can read this page(wiki).

And this is a trailer with English subtitles.