Illustration Friday - asleep


I want to lie on greens!
comfortable dry air and soft shine.
I'm not good at imagination drawing.
So I tried.
I'll try things how to draw and painting.



Hi! I did ABCs.
I saw some twitter firends did it.

a table at my living room

This is not my painting space. This is a low table at our living room.
I often draw and paint at the living room.

Following is my ABCs.
My English is poor. So I may misunderstanded some ABCs,sorry.

Age: 34 (soon 35)
Bed Size: single size futon
Chore you hate: cooking
Dogs: I like both dogs and cats. In the near future, I'll have a cat becaus my husband loves cats and cats seems to be suitable for our lifestyle.
Essential start of your day: Washing my face.
Favourite Colour: Turquoise Blue.
Gold or silver: Hmm... gold.
Height: 5 foot 7.5inch (about 172cm)
Instruments: I had piano lessons when I'm teenage. Now I can't play the piano.
Job Title: Programer (I'm asipiring to be an illustrator)
Kids: I want now.
Live: Tokyo
Mom’s Name: Michiko
Nickname: Juri (same to real name) (update: or Juriko (my pen name))
Overnight hospital stays: I haven't yet.
Pet Peeve: What do that mean? I cant understand this question.
(update: People who push me in Silence on a train when they get off the train.)
Quote from a movie: one that Meryl Streep said in ”One true thing”. "It's easy to become happy. You try to love things around you" (sorry It's not correct. I saw the movie in Japanese)
Right or left handed: Right
Siblings: 2 younger sisters
Time you wake up: around 9 am. (late!!)
Underwear: I like simple designs.
Vegetables you dislike: packed white asparagus
What makes you run late: Recently internet?!
X-rays you’ve had done: neck, breast, chest and chin
Yummy food you make: Rice with octopus
Zoo animal: What do I like in zoo? elephant, gorilla etc...


bicycle again


前回の投稿ではillustration Fridayの為にその週のテーマである自転車を描きました。
On my previous post, I painted for illustration Friday.
That week's topic is "bicycle".
I felt frustration for something.
I painted on kent paper at that time.
This time, I painted it on cotton paper.